In summer 2018, STARBASE is providing an immersive, hands-on, STEM centric program delivered in a day-camp format for local youth-based non-profits.  Our summer program takes elements of the school year program along with new and exciting content, to create a truly one-of-a-kind experience.  Students will get hands-on with rocket engineering, CAD design, rover programming, and earth science investigation and exploration.

As students dive into exploring the amazing world of STEM, they will also take away important skills we embed into every activity including teamwork, respect, and creativity as well as learning about careers in the STEM fields in our region and beyond.

The program is available to children entering grades 4, 5, or 6 in the fall of 2018.  Sessions run Monday through Thursday, four hours a day, and times vary by organization.

1. Schedule Transportation

In most cases your transportation window should assume a 30-minute travel time to STARBASE. Please schedule your departure time accordingly and adjust, if needed.  Please allow at least 15 minutes on the first day of your arrival prior to the start time of your program due to necessary security measures. The address for STARBASE Minnesota is 4630 Mustang Drive, Duluth MN 55811.


2. Conduct STARBASE Preparation Lesson and Choose Call Signs

If you have time to conduct this lesson in the weeks before your visit, this 25-minute activity will excite your students about STARBASE and allow them to choose their STARBASE call sign before you submit the required student registration information to STARBASE.

STARBASE Prep Lesson


3. Print, distribute and collect STARBASE permission slips

All student must have a signed STARBASE permission slip in order to attend the first day, no exceptions.  Please bring the signed permission slips with you to STARBASE on the first day and give them to your STARBASE instructor.

STARBASE Permission Slip
(The form will open on a new browser window)


4. Print, distribute and collect adult release forms

All adults must complete a release of liability form in order to attend STARBASE, no exceptions. Please bring all signed release of liability forms with you to STARBASE on the first day and give them to your STARBASE instructor.

STARBASE Chaperone Release Form
(The form will open on a new browser window)


5. Submit Student Information.

The following information must be entered for each student using the registration link found in the session list below:

  • First Name, Last Name, Call Sign
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity


6. Submit Security Information for all adults by the deadline, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Youth organization staff, volunteers or teachers are required to attend STARBASE each day.  STARBASE requires that at least one adult, per 20 STARBASE students per day (two adults maximum, per day). All adults must be approved in advance and security information must be submitted no later than one week prior to your STARBASE visit, due to base security requirements.  Additionally, all parent chaperones must be US citizens to clear through the security process; if they are not, they are unable to attend due to Security needing at least one month advance to process information. There is no need to ask parents of their citizenship status.  If there are organizational staff who are not US citizens, please contact STARBASE immediately for more information and what documentation will be required to process their information.  At least three to four weeks is required process this additional documentation.  Please submit security information for all other staff and volunteers within 7 days of your STARBASE experience. The following information is required for all adults who are US citizens:

  • First and Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Driver’s License Number

Online security registration form can be found under your organization name in Step 7 below.


7. Register Students and Adults Online

To register the students attending from your organization, click on the organization name below the session and follow the online instructions. To register the adults attending from your organization and to provide information for security clearance, click on the Security Registration link below the organization name and follow the online instructions.

Summer 2018 Sessions

Session 1 – June 18-21

Session 2 – June 25-28

Session 3 – July 9-12

Session 4 – July 23-26

Session 5 – August 13-16