STARBASE Minnesota – Duluth

4630 Mustang Drive

Duluth, Minnesota 55811


Director: Charity Rupp 218-788-7288

Volunteer Coordinator: Megan Allen 218-788-6022

Meet Our Educators

Our team has a depth of experience in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. We have a passion for connecting students with real-world applications to STEM and STEM careers. We utilize immersive, engaging teaching methods along with innovative technologies to create a truly one-of-a-kind STARBASE experience. In addition to teaching, we are continuously collaborating and discovering professional development opportunities that will benefit the STARBASE mission.


2017Nov06-Starbase-MI679-98 Group Side Jet

Charity RuppDirector

Charity Rupp

Megan Allen, Instructor/Volunteer Coordinator

Megan Allen
Instructor/Volunteer Coordinator

Beth PeppersackInstructor

Beth Peppersack

Katie LassiInstructor

Katie Lassi