Guard Volunteers

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Rocket Launch

At rocket launches you can load rockets onto the launcher or help kids fire them into the air at the control box. Every launch is full of energy and excitement. In about 30 minutes you’ll help the STARBASE staff blast 30-50 student designed rockets into the air.

Base Tours

The 148th Fighter Wing is a bustling base with many units where STEM is hard at work every day. Providing STARBASE classes with a periodic tour at various times throughout the year will provide them with an inside look at how STEM is contributing every day to the mission.

graduation speakerGraduation Volunteer

The kids have worked hard all week. Graduations are the time to reflect on their accomplishments and look to the future. As the graduation volunteer you will engage with a group of students in a guided Q&A session for 20-30 minutes. A STARBASE instructor acts as the MC and you are the special guest!