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Congratulations Jazmine Hawkins, STARBASE Alumni and Recipient of a $1000 Scholarship from Collins Aerospace!

Cosmetology and Sports Management are two disciplines rarely articulated in the same sentence, yet they are the perfect pairing of Jazmine’s passions and experiences to conduct some groundbreaking work in these combined fields. 

Jazmine Hawkins, who attended STARBASE most recently in 2015, with a callsign of “Rocky”, is now applying her entrepreneurial spirit and her leadership skills that she began to hone at STARBASE toward a future career in Cosmetology and Sports Management. She expects to graduate in 2025. Jazmine is a first-generation college student attending West Los Angeles College and is the latest recipient of a $1,000 scholarship thanks to Collins Aerospace! 



Much of this involves trial and error, Jazmine explained, something she remembers experiencing at STARBASE when she designed and tested her rocket. “With the first design, I failed miserably, but it was okay because I could go back, fix it, and try something new to see how it worked.” Jazmine credits STARBASE as the place where she learned you don’t have to be perfect, and you can learn from what doesn’t work. She is appreciative of the opportunities that STARBASE gave her as an elementary student.  At STARBASE, “we had access to experiences and technologies that we otherwise wouldn’t have had.”

Jazmine is the oldest of four siblings, and all of them went through STARBASE and have fond, shared memories of their experiences at STARBASE. Being the oldest and first in her family to go to college, Jazmine realizes she is a role model for her siblings who see her going to college and are now starting to dream about their own futures. “Being Mexican American, we aren’t really told to go to college, and I didn’t want that to be my story”, Jazmine goes on to explain that extra education is so important and goes a very long way. That nurturing style and support that Jazmine has with her siblings also shines through with the coaching in volleyball and basketball that she does when she is not working to pay for college. It is also core to her pursuits in Sports Management to work with the whole athlete, emotional and physical. “My athletes will always know I see them”, Jazmine relayed, as she talked about the deep investment she has in them and will continue to have as she inspires and leads the next generation.  



Congratulations to Jazmine on her $1,000 scholarship, which she truly deserves! We know that by her challenging herself as she has done throughout her schooling and life and by pursuing her dreams, she will change the lives of those around her for the better. 


 Jazmine grew up playing sports and is currently playing both basketball and volleyball at West Los Angeles College. On the court she works hard, and her mantra is “look good, feel good, play good.” This is exactly where the intersection of Jazmine’s interest in cosmetology and sports management came to be, addressing an unmet need for female athletes. Jazmine noted just how much chemistry and math are involved in this applied area of STEM, noting that when she is working with clients, she must consider the different environments of the athletes. This impacts the chemical formula for product performance and for the athletes to feel their best, and ultimately play their best.