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Congratulations Langston Butler, STARBASE Alumni and Recipient of a $1000 Scholarship from Collins Aerospace!

Dedicated, hard-working, persistent, positive, and determined are all words to describe STARBASE alumni Langston Butler. STARBASE Minnesota is proud to award him one of this year’s $1,000 scholarships, five funded by both Collin’s Aerospace and two by the STARBASE Minnesota Board of Directors, for former STARBASE students who attended STARBASE in elementary school and are currently enrolled in post-secondary education. Expressing his great appreciation, Langston said, “I wouldn’t expect that something I did so long ago could have an impact on my life right now.”

“The memories of exploring STEM subjects and launching rockets still resonate with me today. STARBASE ignited a spark within me, fueling my determination to excel in technology and math. I am immensely grateful for the opportunities and inspiration it provided, and STARBASE will forever remain a significant influence on my academic journey.”



Currently, Langston is a student at The University of Minnesota Twin Cities where he has big plans for his future. He keeps busy working 32-40 hours a week doing an overnight shift at an area hotel and has a full 18 credit course load. He’s taking classes in Family Policy, Community Engagement, Psychology, Family Theories, and Introduction to Personality working towards a bachelor’s degree in psychology and Family Social Science. Eventually, he would like to pursue a Juris Doctor degree in Family Law, aspiring to go beyond the legal realm to receive a doctoral degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.

Stumbling upon a quote early in college that really stuck with him, “Pick a career that you would do for free” Langston was steered toward therapy, counseling, and psychology. He wants to understand how people think, act, and feel so that he can be the person to listen and guide them through whatever they’re facing in life. “People are in pain, and I want to do what I can to help alleviate that.” Following a career path in psychology allows him to understand people and know their needs. After being overwhelmed by so many different career options, it only took one course in psychology to know the direction he wanted to move in. He will use his education to gain a foundation of understanding human behavior and family dynamics, giving him a basis to advocate for families and their well-being. Twenty years of age but wise beyond his years, Langston strives to use his academic and professional pursuits to “positively impact the lives of others, promoting understanding, empathy, and resilience.” He knows he can contribute to creating a happier and more compassionate world through his work.

Perusing through photos of STARBASE, Langston beamed with pride and excitement seeing his peers. He mentioned still spending time with many of those faces from all those years ago. “These memories are worth more than a million dollars to have; they are such keepsakes.”

When asked what advice Langston has for students as they come to STARBASE this year, he stated “You need to have fun, enjoy the experience. Just do it! Go for it.”

Congratulations to Langston. STARBASE Minnesota wishes him the best of luck in his future. We know he will do incredible things.