Congratulations to Cassie Christian!

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Congratulations to Cassie Christian, recipient of a $1,000 STARBASE alumni scholarship.

“I don’t really think many 9- or 10-year-olds know what they want to do when they’re older, but after STARBASE I knew I was going to do something in science.” STARBASE alumni and  Collins-Aerospace funded scholarship recipient, Cassie Christian, remembers how exciting and new learning was at STARBASE each day she walked in the door with her 4th and 5th grade Achieve Language Academy classes. She has a vivid memory of the Nanotechnology classroom she learned in, which was sponsored by Boston Scientific, and how there was a model of an artery with plaque and blood cells on the wall.  Cassie thought having the computers inside the desks was the wildest thing ever, remembers programming robots, and even recounted an activity where you used cards to determine how best to spend resources on Mars. 


At the University of Wisconsin – River Falls, Cassie’s busy taking courses in Microbiology, Lab Safety, Calculus, Spanish, and Theater. When asked about her favorite course, she excitedly responded “I was just looking at my course in microbiology and saw that there is a lecture on epidemiology on my birthday!” Cassie’s passion for STEM pours through in conversation. She pursues microbiology to have a wide base of science but plans to attend the University of Minnesota for a PhD in Epidemiology after graduation. She enjoys topics like virology and immunology, but in the long term wants to work as a Disease Detective to figure out why disease outbreaks have happened to prevent them from happening again.



Cassie is actively involved in many different activities outside of her full 19-hour course load pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology with a minor in Spanish at The University of Wisconsin-River Falls. She is vice president of Chemistry Club, a Chancellor student ambassador, has a part time job, is in a rock-climbing sports club and participates in Jiu Jitsu, and she even takes time to volunteer in her mom’s classroom sharing science with kids in the community.   Cassie even kickstarted a Nobel Prize night, where she laid out the prizes in laymen’s terms to help shed light on the importance of these people’s contributions to humankind. She attributes her ability to be so involved to her good time management and ability to know when to say no when it’s too much! She dedicates time to her studies and makes space for those extra activities that her heart is called to. She hopes that, working in public health, her Spanish minor will allow her to be able to communicate better with more people.

This STARBASE alumni loves her pursuit of STEM because  “STEM is interdisciplinary: there’s a little bit of physics, biology, everything. If you want to reach out to broaden your horizons in other branches of science, that is encouraged because scientists want what’s best for everyone else.” When asked for her advice to students coming to STARBASE, she replied “Soak up every moment, the knowledge you’ll gain, and every opportunity.  You’ll see new things that you don’t see or have in your classroom so soak it all in.”   


Cassie’s passion for people, for STEM, and for staying involved in the community will allow her to reach great heights. Not only does Cassie exude confidence, we have full confidence that she will contribute to discoveries and innovation that will help others in her future.  Congratulations, Cassie, and best of luck in your pursuit of STEM!