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STARBASE is finding the next generation of leaders in science, technology, engineering and math fields. By providing area youth with innovative, hands-on, free education opportunities in STEM subjects, we help students envision a future in STEM.

Developing Skills in STEM

STARBASE gives all students the opportunity to develop essential skills in STEM – including students who may be under-represented in STEM fields.

At STARBASE, students attend for 25 hours of hands-on learning where they focus on real-world problem solving and STEM applications. STARBASE engages students with cutting edge technologies, scientific equipment and exploration of regional and local STEM careers.

Fostering Academic Achievement​

STARBASE gives students the tools they need to excel while helping schools satisfy ambitious state and federal standards for learning. Our program complements students’ math and science progress with 25 hours of intensive STEM activities.

Led by a team of licensed instructors, students become scientists and engineers in a stimulating state-of-the-art learning environment. Students become more aware of STEM in the world around them and gain the confidence and motivation they need to continue their STEM learning back at school. The STARBASE experience makes STEM accessible and inviting to students from all backgrounds.

Building the Workforce of the Future

STARBASE learning opportunities open student’s eyes to a universe of professional opportunities in STEM, paving the way for great careers that exist right in the Duluth region. STARBASE graduates are better prepared to become qualified candidates for the highly skilled, high-tech STEM jobs of the future.

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