STARBASE is pleased to share the most up-to-date STEM information with our network of educators, parents and partners. Whether you visit STARBASE early in your school year or not until the end, we want you to be connected with STARBASE year-round! The STARBASE Explorer monthly e-newsletter includes a variety of current STEM news, stories and activities that can be shared with students in your classrooms or can even be printed and taken home to have some STEM fun with family members.

Keeping the passion for STEM fueled before and after STARBASE visits is important for planting the seeds for students’ life-long love of STEM. STARBASE will share timely national and international STEM news, student contests, feature local, regional and national STEM career videos, easy and fun in-class or at-home STEM activities and so much more to keep your students or children engaged in STEM throughout the year.

Available Issues:

2022-2023 School Year
November STARBASE Explorer: Local STEM Career & Delicious STEM-Giving Experiment
October STARBASE Explorer: National Fossil Day & Halloween Science
September STARBASE Explorer: Bike Month & Social Media

2021-2022 School Year
5/11/2022 STARBASE Explorer: STEAM Festival & Astronaut Fitness Challenge
4/8/2022 STARBASE Explorer: Earth Day, Recycling Tips & Astronomy Day Celebration
3/7/2022 STARBASE Explorer: Spring St. Patrick’s Day & Rainbows!
2/1/2022 STARBASE Explorer: Announcing Summer Camp Registration
1/12/2022 STARBASE Explorer: The James Webb Telescope and Fluor Engineering Challenge
12/10/2021 STARBASE Explorer: STARBASE Flies with Blue Angels & Winter STEM Experiment
11/8/2021 STARBASE Explorer: Fall Activities & Military Family Month
10/5/2021 STARBASE Explorer: Psyche Mission and School Year Kick-Off

2020-2021 School Year
4/5/2021 STARBASE Explorer: STEM and More Summer Camps
2/24/2021 STARBASE Explorer: Summer Camp Registration Begins March 15
2/1/2021 STARBASE Explorer: Enter the Fluor Engineering Challenge
12/9/2020 STARBASE Explorer: Mission to Mars Virtual Learning Site
11/3/2020 STARBASE Explorer: Space Camp Scholarships and More
10/2/2020 STARBASE Explorer: Celebrating World Space Week
9/5/2020 STARBASE Explorer: Welcome Back!

2019-2020 School Year
6/4/2020 – STARBASE Explorer: Explore Newton’s Laws of Motion with Sol
5/5/2020 – STARBASE Explorer: Hands-on learning at Home
4/8/2020 – STARBASE Explorer: STEM Online Learning and More
3/2/2020 – STARBASE Explorer: Astronauts, NOAA and Explorers Camp
2/4/2020 – STARBASE Explorer: Spread the Love for STEM
1/6/2020 – STARBASE Explorer: Get the Winning Edge with STEM Skills
12/12/2020 – STARBASE Explorer: Brighten Your Holidays with STEM
11/10/2019 – STARBASE Explorer: Launching into Fall

2018-2019 School Year
05/10/2019 – STARBASE Explorer: Kicking Off a Summer of STEM
04/12/2019 – STARBASE Explorer: Earth Day Challenge | Upcoming STEM Camps
03/13/2019 – STARBASE Explorer: March Newsletter
02/13/2019 – STARBASE Explorer: February Newsletter