As teachers, we are always in demand.  At STARBASE, we streamlined our registration process to fit your busy schedule.

Just follow steps 1-9 - ready, set, go!

Please read all of the instructions below, if you still have a question contact Charity Johnson at or 218-788-7288.

1. Verify participation information


Time at STARBASE to 

Number of Students in your Class

The Data is Correct        The Data is Not Correct

2. Schedule Transportation

Use your program start time below to schedule your busing transportation.  The address to use for scheduling, as well as determining departure times for your school is: 4680 Viper Street, Duluth, MN 55811.

All bus drivers must be vetted by security in addtion to teachers, staff and classroom volunteers. Please include your bus drivers' 148th Fighter Wing Security Form (See STEP 6 below) with your classroom adult forms and note 'BUS DRIVER' at the top of the form. (Do NOT add the bus drivers to your online adult roster.) Per security regulations, bus drivers are NOT allowed to remain in their bus on base during the day. Drivers have two options: 1) Drivers can part the bus(es) in the long-term parking area on base and spend the day in a STARBASE classroom OR; 2) Drivers can take the bus off-site and return in the afternoon to pick-up the students.

Please schedule your school departure so that you arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled program start time. Upon arrival at the base, the bus will be directed to pull into the far right visitor’s lane. At that time, all adults (including the bus driver) will be asked for their ID to confirm on the security list and a vehicle inspection may also be required. If your arrival time is delayed, your program start time will also be cut short. Please note that privately owned weapons of any kind are prohibited. This includes individuals that have concealed carry permits.

Please download the new STARBASE Bus Parking map below. When you are working with your local busing company regarding transportation to STARBASE, please provide them with the attached map.


Program Start Time

Program End Time

3. Conduct STARBASE Preparation Lesson and Call Sign Worksheet - Mandatory

This 25 minute lesson will excite your students about STARBASE and allow them to choose their STARBASE call sign before you submit your online student roster to STARBASE.

Welcome to STARBASE letter

STARBASE Call Sign Lesson Plan

STARBASE Call Sign Student Worksheet

 4. Print, distribute and collect STARBASE permission slips

All students must have a signed STARBASE permission slip in order to attend the first day, no exceptions.  Please bring the signed permission slips with you to STARBASE on the first day and give them to your STARBASE instructor.

All adult chaperones including classroom teachers, parents and other school staff must complete a STARBASE Adult Release form to participate in the program. Please bring all adult release forms on the first day and give them to your STARBASE instructor.

STARBASE Permission Slip

STARBASE Adult Release Form

STARBASE Parent Letter

It is important to share with parents the details about the STARBASE program. The parent letter and information sheet found above should be printed and sent home with your students. The parent letter outlines the goals and activities of the program as well as collects information regarding the parent volunteers you will need during the week you attend.

 5. Submit Student Information.


The following information must be entered for each student:

  • Student ID number - Last 6 digits of MARSS number
  • First Name, Last Name, Call Sign
  • Gender, Ethnicity, ELL/LA (English Language Learner), health/learning concerns.
(The form will open on a new browser window)

6. Submit Security Information for all adults by the deadline, NO EXCEPTIONS.


Classroom teachers are required to attend STARBASE each day.  Parent volunteers are welcome to attend STARBASE. Up to two adults (classroom teacher and one addtional adult) are allowed per each STARBASE classroom. If a student or students require a paraprofessional, that is in addtinon to the two adults. All adults must be approved in advance and STARBASE cannot accept security information after the deadline above, due to base security requirements.  Additionally, all adult chaperones must be US citizens to clear through the security process; if they are not, they are unable to attend due to Security needing at least one month advance to process information.  The parent letter found in the website links includes further explanation for parents, and asks that parents only volunteer for STARBASE if they are a US citizen.  There is no need to ask parents of their citizenship status.  If there are school teaching staff who are not US citizens, please contact STARBASE immediately for more information and what documentation will be required to process their information.  At least three to four weeks is required process this additional documentation. 

There are two steps to submit adult security information. The first step is the download the attached 148th Fighter Wing Security Form and have each indivdidual adult attending STARBASE, fill out the form. The second step is, using the information from the security forms, fill out the online adult security form. Please submit the online adult roster for all school staff and volunteers within 5 business days of your STARBASE experience. Scan and copy each of the 148th Fighter Wing Security Forms and email to The following information is required for the 148th Fighter Wing Security Form as well as the Adult Online Roster:

  • First, Middle and Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Call Sign
  • Role at STARBASE (Teachers: Please list ONLY the adults in your own classroom. You are the only 'Classroom Teacher' who should be listed on your roster!)

148th Fighter Wing Security Form (download)

(The form will open on a new browser window)

7. Collect Student Demographic Data

Prior to arrival, each class must complete the official Department of Defense student demographic collection form. The data must be completed by the school’s administration office. The information required for program documentation includes gender, underrepresented groups and ethnicity. After your school’s administration completes the data review, please bring this form along with your other documentation on the first day. If there are any questions when filling out this data form, please contact Charity Johnson at

Student and School Demographic Information

8. Request Bag Lunches

Lunch Notes: Refrigeration is not available.

9. Resources

5th Grade Program Description and Standards Alignment

Student Code of Conduct

Student Dress Code

STARBASE Teacher Orientation Video: Preparation for STARBASE

STARBASE Teacher Orientation Video: What to Expect at STARBASE