Transportation Resources


Connecting Schools with Resources

STARBASE is proud to connect schools with funding resources that will allow districts  to visit year after year. Through strong partnerships and community support, regional organizations, industries, and businesses have offered resources for schools to apply for dollars that will cover the cost of busing to bring students to and from STARBASE in Duluth.

Please visit the sites listed below for detailed information on how to apply for these  grants.

Grant Opportunities:

Federal Funding:

Title IV, Part A, also known as the Student Support and Academic Enrichment (SSAE) grant program, is a relatively new federal Title grant program under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). The purpose of this annual program is to improve access to a holistic education. Minnesota received approximately $12 million dollars FY20. Title IV, Part A funds are distributed to Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) as a formula grants to LEAs that spent Title I, Part A awards during the prior fiscal year.  Please review these resources and those found on the ESEA Grant Application Tools webpage to inform program planning and application submission by September 1.