STEM Activities


Delivering hands-on STEM education is what STARBASE Minnesota-Duluth does. When we are not serving students in person, we strive to provide other offerings to keep elementary students engaged and interested in STEM. We are proud to start delivering virtual learning options for teachers and parents featuring our STARBASE instructor team! Below are available STARBASE Satellites episodes as well as the link to STARBASE Duluth’s Mission to Mars virtual learning site.

STEM topics will range from engineering to technology to environmental education and are suitable for students entering 3rd to 6th grade. Some virtual lessons may have accompanying worksheets that can be downloaded from the site.

Episode 1: Newton’s Laws of Motion
Episode 2: Natural Technology: Artificial Intelligence
Mission to Mars: Virtual Learning Site

Using the link below, students will be taken on a virtual mission to Mars with over ten distance learning activities and STEM Career exploration opportunities.

Computer Aided Design


Go to the Onshape website and follow the steps below

1. Click “Create Free Account”

2. Supply the required information including if you are a student and school level. At the bottom, click on “Create EDU Account”

3. You will receive an email with a link to setup your Onshape free account


Go to the TinkerCAD website and follow the steps below

1. Click on “Sign Up”

2. Click on “Create a Personal Account”

3. Sign up for an account with your email