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Welcome to the STARBASE Clubhouse! In the Clubhouse you will find cool activities to keep your brain in top condition. And since it's STARBASE - you know it will be fun! Keep checking back to see the latest Clubhouse activities!

STARBASE Minnesota

Educating and inspiring 72,022 youth since 1993

Smart. Powerful. High Impact

At STARBASE, we imagine students as future
scientists and engineers. Then we develop an experience so they will too.

The STARBASE experience puts STEM in students’ hands. Then lets them use it.

Engaging activities are standard in every STARBASE program. Fun experiences rooted in math, science, technology and engineering launch student energy and focus on a path toward bright futures.

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Not your typical standards based curriculum.

Teachers work hard to give students the best education possible.

State standards provide focus to education, but they are not always easy to cover. Our program complements the school year with 20-25 hours of intensive, standards based activities.

Especially in science, math, technology and engineering.

We deliver standards to students while developing motivation to learn more back at school.

Explore STARBASE Minnesota Alignment to MN Science and Math Standards

We think STEM experiences are so important we provide them all year round.

Since we opened our doors in 1993, we have provided over 60,000 students with a high quality STEM experience. Partnerships with the state and federal government have allowed STARBASE sites to flourish across the country. Additional strategic relationships with our Minnesota business and legislative community, have allowed STARBASE Minnesota to grow into a premiere STEM organization.

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