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It’s designed to support your school year.

You work hard to give your students the best education possible. With so many standards to teach, covering each one can be a challenge.

Our program complements your school year with 5 days of intensive, standards based, activities. Especially in science, math, technology and engineering. We deliver standards to your students while developing motivation to learn more back at school.

Explore the STARBASE Minnesota Alignment to MN Science and Math Standards

It’s designed to support your students.

You know the unique personalities, needs and challenges of your class.

The sheer volume of students we teach provides us with the awareness, flexibility, and experience needed to reach them from square one. And continuous professional development keeps us at the forefront of best practices.

Our staff of instructors have designed the STARBASE experience to adapt to any student who walks into our classrooms.

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It’s designed to support you.

STARBASE allows you to interact with students in new ways. Not in front but alongside your students. Not in front. This perspective can help refocus a school year and let you see students in a different light.

Teachers who attend STARBASE often report gaining new insights about the students they teach. Insights that translate to enhanced relationships and achievement back at school.

Find out what other educators are saying about their experience at STARBASE Minnesota.