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We all have that one experience that pointed us toward our future. This is one of those experiences.

Classroom Teacher, Highwood Hills Elementary

“Thank you for providing such a fabulous, rigorous, engaging and enjoyable STARBASE experience for our Eastern Heights fourth graders. The results are a testament to the power of the program and the excellent instruction. It is thrilling to see student achievement raised in such a short time.” –Principal, Eastern Heights Elementary

“STARBASE has opened their eyes into the world of engineering. They came back each day so excited about what they learned.” –Classroom Teacher, Echo Park Elementary

“After leaving STARBASE, students are more enthusiastic towards STEM. It’s very common to hear students making connections to STARBASE during the remainder of the year.” –Classroom Teacher, Emerson Elementary

“Students who struggle with math standards have the opportunity to use technology that is fun and interactive, not just pencil and paper. I believe that the introduction to math concepts and the way they were introduced through science helps students to make better connections.” –Classroom Teacher, Galtier Community School

“The instructors are THE most valuable aspects of the program. I am tempted to say the technology or the curriculum, but if it were not for the talented and skilled instructors, the technology and curriculum would not be brought to life like it is here.” –Classroom Teacher, Farnsworth Aerospace Magnet

“The students that struggle most in the classroom seemed to do the best at STARBASE. It was so heartwarming to see some of my students who struggle the most be whole vested in the program and you can visibly see their pride.” –Classroom Teacher, University Avenue Elementary-ACES

“STARBASE values our students’ creativity, talents and abilities across the curriculum while also reinforcing and instilling self-confidence, perserverance, risk-taking, learning from falure, and most importantly teamwork.” –Curriculum Integration Coordinator, University Avenue Elementary-ACES