Summer Program

STARBASE Minnesota Summer Next Generation Program 2020: Mars Survival

a remote program, complete with a Mars Survival Pod containing exciting, hands-on activities 

designed for student independence and for the collective advancement of human exploration on Mars!

As Buzz Aldrin said, “Mars is there, waiting to be reached.”   Mars explorers!  We need your brainpower, creativity and problem solving skills in order to tackle some of the greatest challenges to humankind in the colonization and exploration of Mars.   This summer of 2020, you and approximately 400 other young scientists and engineers from across the Twin Cities will work independently from their “home pod” as important members of the Mars Survival Team.  Separately yet together joined by our common mission, you will contribute to the exciting advancement of human survival and exploration on Mars. We thank you! 

You will receive a classified Mars Survival Pod filled with carefully labeled supplies, equipment, materials for up to 40 mission activities and even a robot that you can program to perform a variety of tasks.  Your investigations, experiments and research will help us determine how to land on Mars safely, survive the near vacuum of the red planet and develop water, food and energy resources all necessary for human survival.  All activities can be done completely independently from your parents.  If desired, through your parent, you may get a log-in to submit your ideas like a rocket fin design, access optional STEM career videos, or even ask a question of a STARBASE instructor — the Mars Advance Team — here for you if or when you like.  We hope to eventually bring everyone together safely at the end of summer for an optional, socially-distanced group rocket launch. We look forward to your help with our missions and what we hope is one of the greatest highlights of your summer! 

The STARBASE Minnesota Mars Advance Instructor Team

"Mars is there, waiting to be reached." - Buzz Aldrin

Engineers build the world around us. At STARBASE we build engineers.

Our summer programs are designed to inspire your child.  We spark their interest in STEM as they plan an epic mission to Mars by packing each 4 day program with designing and printing in 3D, several forms of robotics, opportunities to use their creativity to help astronauts survive on Mars, and participate in a virtual reality experience to help them feel like they are the next, great Mars explorer. 

Our students think they come to build rockets, program robots, explore Mars, and meet new friends. We know they are also building skills in observation, investigation, STEM, creativity, teamwork, and perseverance. Not to mention confidence.

They come as kids. They leave as engineers.

Spots are still available. See below for details.

Summer Programs are for Children ENTERING Grades 4, 5, or 6 in fall of 2020.

Choose to work completely independently from STARBASE and receive the Mars Survival Pod by June 19th.

If desiring optional interface with STARBASE, as described above, choose from Group 1 or Group 2:

Group 1: Starts June 22, with optional interface at any time with STARBASE and/or the website through July 9.

Group 2: Starts July 13 with optional interface at any time with STARBASE and/or the website through July 23.

STARBASE Next Gen Program Mars Survival Flyer

We are looking forward to a great 2020 season!

Registration for STARBASE Summer Next Gen Programs for Corporate Partners opened Febraury 3rd, 2020.  

Register soon – programs are filling fast!.  

Please see below for the preferred dates for each STEM Partner.  (Children may be placed on waiting lists for other dates until February 19th).