As teachers, we are always in demand.  At STARBASE, we streamlined our registration process to fit your busy schedule.

Just follow steps 1-9 - ready, set, go!

Please read all of the instructions below, if you still have a question contact Melanie Peters at or 612-713-2802

1. Verify participation information

Please note that your school will be assigned a number of teams based on accurate student numbers.  Please see step 6 for more information about number of STARBASE teams and information about how to group students.  Please avoid grouping students by academic ability or behavior.

Time at STARBASE: to 
Number of Students in YOUR Class:
Total Number of Graders:


2. Schedule Transportation

Use the departure and arrival times below to schedule transportation.  The departure time assumes a 30 minute travel time to STARBASE.  Please schedule an earlier departure time as needed to arrive at STARBASE on time.  Also, please note that the total time at STARBASE is now 4 hours, 15 minutes each day.  An additional 15 minutes has been added due to changed security procedures. The address for STARBASE Minnesota is: 133rd Airlift Wing, 659 Mustang Ave, St. Paul, MN 55111.

Depart School:
Arrive at STARBASE:

3. Conduct STARBASE Preparation Lesson and Choose Call Signs - Mandatory

This 25 minute lesson will excite your students about STARBASE and allow them to choose their STARBASE call sign before you submit student information to STARBASE

STARBASE Prep Lesson

 4. Print, distribute and collect STARBASE permission slips

All student must have a signed STARBASE permission slip in order to attend the first day, no exceptions.  Please bring the signed permission slips with you to STARBASE on the first day and give them to your STARBASE instructor.

STARBASE Permission Slip and Parent Letter - English

STARBASE Permission Slip and Parent Letter - Spanish

 5. Submit Student Information.


The following information must be entered for each student:

  • Student ID number - Last 6 digits of MARSS number
  • First Name, Last Name, Call Sign
  • Gender, Ethnicity, Free/Reduced Lunch, ELL (see permission slip for data)

Student Information Form (The form will open on a new browser window)

 6. Divide students into STARBASE teams.

Please avoid grouping students based on academic abilities or behavior. Students may be regrouped at STARBASE if this occurs.  Please see below for more details regarding how to divide students into teams.

The graders from your school will be divided into


Collaborate with your grade level teachers to create teams.  As stated above, please avoid grouping students based on academic abilities or behavior.  While we understand why schools may be inclined to group students by academic ability or behavior, based on our experience with the thousands of students who participate at STARBASE each year, these types of groups are less successful at STARBASE than balanced groups.  Grouping students to accommodate language needs is allowed. Students should know their team before arriving at STARBASE. You do not need to submit team information to STARBASE in advance.

7. Submit Security Information for all adults by the deadline, NO EXCEPTIONS.


Classroom teachers are required to attend STARBASE each day.  STARBASE also requires one adult, per STARBASE team per day, so additional assistants or parent chaperones may be needed, up to two adults per classroom, per day. All adults must be approved in advance and STARBASE cannot accept security information after the deadline above, due to base security requirements.  Additionally, all parent chaperones must be US citizens to clear through the security process; if they are not, they are unable to attend due to Security needing at least one month advance to process information.  The parent letter found at the website link includes further explanation for parents, and asks that parents only volunteer for STARBASE if they are a US citizen.  There is no need to ask parents of their citizenship status.  If there are school teaching staff who are not US citizens, please contact STARBASE immediately for more information and what documentation will be required to process their information.  At least three to four weeks is required process this additional documentation.  Please submit security information for all other school staff and parent chaperones within 5 business days of your STARBASE experience., The following information is required for all adults who are US citizens:

  • First and Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Driver's License Number

Security Form (The form will open on a new browser window)

8. Request Bag Lunches

Lunch Notes: Refrigeration is available, no microwave available for students or adults.

9. Review STARBASE Program Resources

STARBASE Program Video (See below)

STARBASE Program Descriptions and Standards Alignment

STARS 1 (4th and 5th Grade) Program Description and Alignment

STARS 2 (Winter) Program Description and Alignment

10. Guide to STEM Pathways

        STARBASE Minnesota will provide each student with a STEM booklet that includes the mandatory journal pages, optional Clubhouse activities, and STEM resources for use in the classroom upon the conclusion of the STARBASE experience.  Please consider how you will support students to complete required journaling, by either providing reflection time before or after STARBASE each day, or assigning as homework.  Clubhouse activities are optional, but students are highly encouraged to participate and there are incentives to help motivate students to take their booklets home and complete activities.  The booklet, Your Guide to STEM Pathways, is one of the tools you can use to extend the STARBASE experience beyond the 5 day program. Your STARBASE instructor will provide a brief overview on how you can utilize these booklets throughout the school year to help your students to explore STEM opportunities, careers, and track their growth in STEM skills.  Again, booklets will be provided to each student on their first day of STARBASE.  Below are pdf files of the booklet which you can use to make copies if a student loses their booklet.

STARS 1 (Fall and Spring) STEM Booklet Cover

STARS 1 (Fall and Spring) STEM Booklet

STARS 2 (Winter) Booklet Cover

STARS 2 (Winter) Booklet Print Order