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STARBASE Minnesota is proud to announce the 2021 recipients of The General Tim Cossalter Scholarship. This is an annual award, given to students who attended STARBASE programming as a student with their school, and who are now pursuing post-secondary education.

Leslie Rivera attended STARBASE in 2010 with Achieve Language Academy in St. Paul and is now pursuing a nursing degree at the College of St. Scholastica in Duluth. She remembers feeling like a scientist many years ago at STARBASE, and applies her skills in classes like anatomy and physiology lab today.

In 2013, Evan Most arrived to STARBASE with his class from St. Agnes Academy in St. Paul, and he was instantly enthralled with the F-16 sitting across the parking lot from our entrance. Now Evan is engaged in instrument training at the University of North Dakota, practicing his skills in the Piper Archer aircraft

Their advice to this year’s STARBASE students?  

 “Pay attention to everything you learn. It is such a once in a lifetime experience, so keep an open mind and find something that interests you that you want to learn a lot about. You will see a lot of cool things, just pay attention to all of it and have fun with it.” – Evan

 “Enjoy it! When you’re having fun you don’t realize you’re learning!” – Leslie

Thank you, Leslie and Evan, for your dedication to STEM, and congratulations on being selected to receive these scholarship funds. We know you will achieve great things.

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If you attended STARBASE with your elementary school and are pursuing post-secondary education, you are eligible for The General Tim Cossalter Scholarship and we encourage you to apply! Applications are always open, with an annual deadline of August 1.