True Colors STARS 1

True Colors STARS 1

True Colors STARS 1

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Gather Your Materials

True colors materials

Engineers usually start with a problem and work to design a solution. 

Reverse engineering moves in the opposite direction.  You start with a final design and try to figure out how engineers solved the problem.  You are going to reverse engineer the inks used to make a brown, gray, and black marker.

Before you start . . . which colors do you think are combined to make brown, black, or gray?

1. Start with the black marker.  Draw a single line across the paper towel strip about one inch from the bottom.

2. Dip the bottom of the paper towel strip into the glass.  Be careful!  Don’t dip the marker line under the water.

3. Hold the strip upside down and watch the water move through the line.

4. Watch and wait a few minutes.  Make observations.  Think about what colors were used to make each marker.

Share Your Results

The inks used in each marker dissolve at different speeds.

The inks begin to move with the water as they dissolve.

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