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Help inspire Minnesota youth by volunteering with STARBASE Minnesota!

Weekly Needs:                                                   

  • Graduation Volunteer: Q&A
  • Rocket Launch Assistant

Seasonal Needs:

  • Check in families (June, July)
  • C-130 Tours (June, July)
  • Mentors (Oct-Jan)


To participate download the Air Force Connect app, join group ‘STARBASE Volunteers’ tap ‘Groups’ and type the code ‘Rockets’!

For more information, contact Rae Eisenreich:, 612-713-2529

Rocket Launch Assistant

As a rocket launch volunteer, you get to be part of the excitement of students seeing their own rocket prototypes launched into the air! You can load rockets onto the launcher and help students launch them using a control box. You can come for one launch, or stay for them all! 

Graduation Ceremony Q&A

Our STARBASE engineers have worked hard all week. Graduation Ceremonies provide a chance to reflect on the students’ accomplishments and look to the future.  As the Graduation Q&A volunteer, you will engage with a group of students in a guided Q&A session for 20-30 minutes. A STARBASE instructor acts as the MC and you are the special guest!

2.0 Mentoring

After their week at STARBASE, our 5th grade students go back to school to continue their learning. The 2.0 Mentoring program was created to stay connected with students after their time at STARBASE and support their continued growth in science, technology, engineering and math as they go through middle school. As a mentor, you will join other volunteers from The National Guard, 3M, Medtronic, and Ecolab at a local middle school and interact with students every Tuesday between October 10th and January 16th (a few Tuesdays will be missed due to events such as winter break). 

C-130 Tours

You know about the C-130 aircraft because you work with it every day.   C-130 tours are a great time to share your knowledge with students and their families. These 30-40 minute tours take place in the summer and give you the opportunity to share about the aircraft and the mission of the MN Air National Guard.

Summer Check-in

As a check-in volunteer, you get to be the first to greet students and their families. During this hour commitment, you will check-in students and tell them their STARBASE team. 

Connect with Us

Working with the Air National Guard across the 133rd Airlift Wing has been an unexpected yet exciting part of being an instructor at STARBASE. It brings me great joy to get to engage with different members of the MN Guard and be able to bridge the connection between you all and the students we serve.

If you have any questions or want to talk through a way you could volunteer, feel free to give me a call or an email. I am always willing to find a way that you feel comfortable to volunteer.

Rae “Radar” Eisenreich, 612-713-2529,